EasyWays – Walking and cycling itineraries

EasyWays is the App for those who love walking and cycling: it collects a selection of long distance itineraries , chosen by our experts in between those actually accessible, with accommodation and possibly signed. Even without signage, by the way, thanks to this App it is possible to easily orient: the interactive map allows to locate your position on the itinerary thanks to the GPS position of your device. The App works even without internet connection: maps and tracks can be pre-downloaded, avoiding the roaming costs. In case of oversight an alarm sounds if you move from the path and it is possible to signal possible problems on the itineraries by communicating the GPS position.

It is even possible to reserve the accommodation via Booking.com and to find out useful services for the travelers.

In the “Local Areas” it is possible to deepen the acknowledgement of “slow friendly” territories: these are “Mini-Apps” managed by the local tourism boards and by the hoteliers that can, in this way, promote their image and supply their clients an App with all the itineraries around their area.

The App is constantly updated with new itineraries, stay tuned!

The App has been developed by ItinerAria.

Itineraries’ GPX tracks have been in part measured by ItinerAria and in part digitalized, for this reason we recommend you not to rely on this instrument for your navigation since the data might not have been updated, and please to signal eventual issues. We invite you to read carefully the disclaimer.