Our land

Our House is located on Biella first hill, near Serra Morenica: a real paradise for those who love “easy” hikes, mountain bikes and road bikes.

The whole footpath network of the province of Biella (around 1000 km of trails) has been GPS-tracked by the owner, Alberto Conte, who can recommend the more suitable trail for you and who will also provide you with a digital or paper map of the chosen footpath.

Those who love long distance paths can try the Alta Via dell'Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea, a wonderful 110-km long route that crosses the ridges of the hills surrounding Viverone and Candia lakes, or the "Grande Traversata del Biellese", a 230-km long route that crosses the whole province of Biella.

If you like ancient routes, you can start the Via Francigena towards Canterbury or towards Rome towards Canterbury or towards Rome.


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